Astra Velum at SoHo Photo, as Reviewed in Don’t Take Pictures



Several photogravures from the Astra Velum series were juried in to the Alternative Processes show at SoHo Photo, in New York City.  Geoffrey Berliner, Executive Director and co-developer of the Penumbra Foundation, was juror for the show.

After viewing the show, Roger Thompson, senior editor of Don’t Take Pictures, had this to say about my work:

Liedtke’s portraits demanded attention. Small photogravures, they’re portraits of young faces that manage to both yearn outward and pull inward. I frankly can’t get the eyes of “Asia” out of my head. These are works where the process not simply supports the subject of the imagery, but animates it. The clarity, the intensity, and the sure lines of the features remind us that photogravure is not simply the process for the fantastical or ethereal as it seems to have become today (think the ParkeHarrisons), it also allows a measured precision and texture that is hard to replicate. It’s almost impossible to imagine a silver gelatin print representing the freckled skin of Fritz’s “York” with such complete richness and honesty. If Liedtke can pull a photogravure like “Asia” and “York,” one wonders how other artists might reclaim and remake lost processes, and the exhibition, like other process exhibitions, helps us imagine what all we’ve left behind when we turn toward contemporary printing.

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