Astra Velum in Diffusion Magazine

The new issue of Diffusion magazine, Vol IV., includes a spread of images from the Astra Velum series, in their conversation about hand-crafted photography.  The Artist Hand Invitational section includes work by a number of talented artists, that I’m honored to be listed among:


  • Jody Ake
  • S. Gayle Stevens
  • Heidi Kirkpatrick
  • Bryan David Griffith
  • Hiroshi Hayakawa
  • Fritz Liedtke
  • Ray Bidegain
  • Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman
  • Anna Low
  • Corinne Perry
  • Beth Devillier
  • Rachel Wolf
  • Dan Herrera

Diffusion is a beautiful, thoughtful magazine of unconventional photography, published annually.  It’s worth having; order your copy today.

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