Astra Velum in Rome

If you can read Italian, read Simona Marani’s article on my series Astra Velum: Astra Velum di Fritz Liedtke: la bellezza è un fatto di pelle

If you can’t read Italian, here’s a Google translation.  (Warning: it’s a hilarious translation of a beautiful, thoughtful article…)

I, who lived with freckles all my life, I know how beautiful and can be uncomfortable, even when you love so visceral ephebic cover bodies that may belong to you or goblins, and discriminated against just as irrational as spots that go beyond the aesthetic beauty abounds.

Among those who can look at this particular skin pigmentation as a thin veil of stars come to light unique and beautiful universe, restoring the beauty of surface textures with photo print job just asevocative ,and surprisingly there is Fritz Liedtke Astra Velum.

A new project dedicated to portraits full of freckles and those thin veil of stars made more intense by the process of photogravure, chosen by the photographer for the tactile pleasure and fascinating one, and the result that this kind of know how to give hand-prints of images , and as delicate and transparent surfaces suggests that the crosses.
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