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Fine art photography and encaustics

I was pleased to hear that several of my encaustics pieces from the Wallflowers/Liminal Spaces series were chosen to be included in Diffusion IX.

A beautifully produced compendium of alternative process photography, they outdid themselves this year, with nine chapters of amazing work:

Nine Chapters: I. Cabinet of Curiosities // II. Transfiguration // III. Nostalgia // IV. Natural Landscape // V. Enigmatic Figures // VI. Organichrome // VII. Geometric Personality // VIII. Human Condition // IX. Sanctuary Shelter

I was honored to be featured among these great photographers: Addison Brown, Alan Ostreicher, Alex Delapena, Aline Mare, Allen Morris, Amaury Orozco & Sev Collazo, Amy Kanka Valadarsky, Andreas Olesen, Andy Mattern, Angela Franks Wells, Anne Campbell, Anne-Laure Autin, Antonio Martinez, Barbara Kyne, Benjamin Montague, Bill Vaccaro, Bob Cornelis, Brianna Tadeo, C E Morse, Carol Erb, Caroline Fudala, Clare O’Neill, Claude Peschel Dutombe, Dawn Surratt, Diana Bloomfield, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Elizabeth Raymer Griffin, Elizabeth Stone, Ellie Ivanova, Fritz Liedtke, Galina Kurlat, Harland Vine, Heather Perera, Heidi Clapp Temple, Heidi Kirkpatrick, J. M. Golding, James Wigger, Joseph Deiss, Joshua Myers, Joshua Sarinana, Kathleen Donohoe, Kathryn Mayo, Ken Ball, KK DePaul, Kon Markogiannis, Linda Alterwitz, Linda Barsotti, Margo Geddes, Matthew Finley, Maureen Delaney, Melanie Walker, Michael Kirchoff, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Mike Hoover, Molly McCall, Noelle McCleaf, Rachel Wolf, Ray Bidegain, Robert Calafiore, Robert Moran, Sandra Klein, Sara Silks, Stacie Ann Smith, Susan de Witt, Tamsen Wojtanowski, Thomas Michael Alleman, Tom & Lois White, Troy Colby, Wendi Schneider, and Wendy Verity.

Purchase your copy here!

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Welcome to Wonderland and Quite Normal at DaVinci

Between 2000 and 2013, I had the privilege of photographing at an amazing place here in Portland: DaVinci Arts Middle School.  I began photographing there while working on my senior thesis project at Pacific NW College of Art.  I enjoyed it so much that I kept coming back, speaking in photography classes, teaching workshops, and creating new work of my own.  The students have always been inspiring to me.  While many people would write off adolescents, I find them funny, goofy, thoughtful, brilliant.

This summer I photographed the wedding of a former DaVinci student, and in doing so reconnected with some of the students, and the school itself.  When they invited me to show my work in the school’s art gallery, I jumped at the chance.

For two months, a sampling of my work from 13 years of photographing there will be shown in their art gallery.  I’m also working with the administration to give a talk in their assembly, not only speaking about art and artmaking, but also about how this work reflects and can influence their core values as a school community.  (How many schools do you that know would do that?)

You can see this work in its entirety here on the website: Welcome to Wonderland and Quite Normal.

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Tibet was Amazing…

We had a wonderful time on the China-Tibet Photography Workshop.  What a great crew of people; we had so much fun together!  We were together for nearly 2 weeks, stayed in some of the most beautiful locations and hotels we’d ever seen, ate amazing Chinese and Tibetan food every day.  And we took photographs.  Lots of photographs.  Here are some highlights from our time together, studying, eating, hiking, and learning, as well as some sample photos of my own.

Next time, join me on one of my workshops or photography tours.  I’d love to have you!

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Join me in Tibet!

Photo tour in Tibet and Chine

How would you like to spend 10 days photographing in Tibet and China?   Wake up in luxury lodgings very day, and enjoy amazing vistas, delicious food, real people, behind-the-scenes access to traditional Tibetan artisans, and one-on-one photo mentoring with photographer and artist Fritz Liedtke.

All skill levels and types of photography are welcome.  Fritz is an experienced teacher, and a photographer whose work has been featured by National Geographic, among others.  His fine art and commercial photography have taken him around the world, and he’d like to share what he’s learned with you.  It’s a chance to travel, make friends, and learn to see in new ways.

Want to come? It’s June 5 – 15, 2018, and it’s surprisingly affordable.   Learn more here, and take advantage of the limited time special discount until December 31!

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Skeleton in the Closet in Shanghai

While in Lishui, China, a couple years ago for a show and lecture, I met Guo Jing.  She’s a photography curator, and she requested that I submit work to her some upcoming shows she was curating.  She accepted my series Skeleton in the Closet, which was already translated into Chinese a couple years prior, for some shows elsewhere in China.  The work was then accepted and shown at both the Beijing and Shanghai Photo Festivals, which took place at the China Art Museum in Shanghai from Feb.28 to Mar. 5, 2017.  Guo Jing later told me, “It was later shown at Shanghai Tower after the closing date of the festival. Shanghai Tower is a landmark building in Shanghai, and its art space is one of best exhibition center in Shanghai.  It is an honor for the photographer to have their works exhibited there as not all the exhibitions at the festival were continued to be shown there.”

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These two lovely ladies just made their way to a private collection in New York City.  Two of my favorite encaustic pieces from 2016, I’m very pleased to have them in a collection that often lends to museums and galleries.

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Skeleton Book in Yale University Library

I was happy to receive the following letter from Larissa LeClair, of the Indie Photobook Library (which collected a copy of Skeleton in the Closet):

It is an honor to announce that the Indie Photobook Library has been placed at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University. The collection would not be what it is today without all of you self-publishers and independent presses. Collectively we have given this platform of expression a voice and shaped contemporary photobook publishing and subsequently history in our own way. Your role will now live on at Beinecke. Update your CV’s!

Thus the iPL is permanently closed to submissions. Yet, I will continue to advocate on behalf of self-publishers from around the world by directly consulting with libraries and museums on their acquisitions.

I look forward to hearing about your books in all stages of the process!

Click here to read the press release.

Congratulations and continue to shape your own history!

Larissa Leclair 
Founder, Indie Photobook Library

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Astra Velum and Liminal Spaces Show in Philadelphia

I’m excited to be working with Harris Fogel at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, to bring the Astra Velum and Liminal Spaces work to Gallery 1401 in January. If you’re in the area, please stop by and see these original photogravures and encaustics. They really deserve to be seen in person.

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Skeleton in the Closet in Beijing

Skeleton in the Closet was featured at Photo Beijing 2016 this fall. The organizers did a stunning job of displaying the work, illuminated in a dark space.

Read the stories for yourself, at  Or order a copy of the book on Amazon at

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Lishui Photo Festival 2015


What a privilege to be invited back to the Lishui Photo Festival this year.  I was invited to go previously in 2013, with 7 other American photographers (read about our adventures here).  This time I was invited on my own, to accompany my Skeleton in the Closet show, and to give a lecture.


The Lishui Museum of Photography had shown Skeleton in the Closet in January of this year; they were kind enough to submit it to the festival as well, and it was accepted.  They showed 58 of the 75 pieces in the series, which looked great on the wall, translated into Chinese.

So along with thousands of other photographers and art enthusiasts, I came to Lishui for 6 days.

First pleasant surprise of the week: spending time with fellow Portlander Laura Valenti (of Photolucida).  We had a great time walking, talking, and photographing the city together.


It was nice to have a fellow photographer who could also double as a model….


2015-11-12 11.08.10

Always nice to find yourself in the paper. Here, we’re with a well-known Celadon potter, who welcomed us into his show, and his shop (we also saw him in 2013).

In addition to the Skeleton in the Closet show, I also helped organize a second exhibition.  The 8 American photographers who were there in 2013 (me, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Jim Leisy, Susan Kae Grant, Bill Vaccaro, Clay Lipsky, Barbara Ciurej, and Ryan Zoglin) took a lot of pictures (of course), and we were able to show 5 images each in the 2015 Festival.

2015-11-06 17.15.30

With photographs I took in Lishui in 2013.


Xueke Wang (Isabella) watches the opening performance.


That is one fabulous opening to a show; my work was through that door….


The catalog for the festival was massive, and very nicely produced.



After my lecture, in which everyone in the room took my picture several times, I paused and took their picture as well. (My hardworking interpreter, Dongli, is on the left.)


Always fun to feel like a celebrity for a little while.


Celebrating with curators, photographers, and interpreters after my lecture.


The best meal, hands down, in China was on a little excursion we took to Longquan. Laura says this looks like a Holly Andres photo.


With Isabella, the curator who worked so hard to bring my work to China.

And finally, a few images I shot on the street around Lishui:



The Art of the Fine Art Portrait at PIX2015


My good friends at Lensbaby asked me to speak at the PIX event in Seattle in the fall. It was an amazing event, with speakers on all aspects of photography, plus a live-streamed expo, conference & interactive photo playground.

I spoke on “The Art of the Fine Art Portrait,” which they professionally filmed. Check it out here!


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