Pine Meadow Ranch Artist Residency

This month I received the amazing gift of time at a new artist residency program at Pine Meadow Ranch, in Central Oregon. Having time to focus solely on artmaking, in a setting surrounded by 7 mountains, a river, and abundant wildlife, was both productive and restful.  It was also challenging, as I battled warped panels, failed experiments, discouragement, and bloodied fingers…but that’s all in a day’s work as an artist. #artistslife

I was also able to spend time with friends old and new, and take some beautiful pictures, in addition to working in the encaustic photography medium.

In addition to some experimentation, I was able to work on a new project with the working title of “Holy”. It consists of 5 large-scale encaustic/photo portraits, honoring people who are often victimized in our current socio-political climate. I don’t usually work on projects that have reference to current events or politics, but it was time. It’s my form of Resistance.

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