Diffusion X (2021) included some of my recent photo-encaustic work

Lenscratch featured an interview with me about my series Sacred

KATU News featured an interview with me about my book Skeleton in the Closet

-Diffusion Annual IX (2018) featured several of my encaustic images

-Astra Velum and interview featured in National Geographic‘s Proof

-Photography as Life, Lishui, China, 2015

Black and White and Read, 2015

Skeleton in the Closet article on The Huffington Post

-“The Art of the Fine Art Portrait” lecture at PIX 2015 in Seattle

Lishui Photography Magazine featured an 8-page spread of Skeleton in the Closet, in conjunction with the solo show at the Lishui Musem of Photography, Lishui, China, March 2015.

-Review of Astra Velum at SoHo Photo Gallery in Don’t Take Pictures:, December 2014

Publishers Weekly interview, “The Human Condition: PW Talks with Fritz Liedtke,” June 2014

Publishers Weekly review of Skeleton in the Closet, March 2014

Looking at Images, Brooks Jensen, Lenswork Publishing, 2014

-LensCulture Editor’s Pick featured article on Astra Velum:  June 2014

-Publication of book Skeleton in the Closet: Eating Disordered Lives  July 2013

ASMP awarded my work their Best of 2013 prize, and featured an extensive interview in their magazine:, 2013

Photo District News awarded one of my Astra Velum portraits a top prize in the Faces competition, in the August 2013 issue.

Feature Shoot writeup on Astra Velum:

Art Photo Collector featured Astra Velum:

LENSCRATCH featured the Astra Velum Limited Edition Artist Book:

photoeye blog features an interview: Fritz Liedtke on Astra Velum Limited Edition Artist Book:

LensWork Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013, featuring cover, and 22 pages of interview and images from the Astra Velum series

Professional Photographer Magazine, 9-page feature Artful Life, about my fine art photography:

Portland Squared, ASMP, 2012, book features 3 of my images, including one on the cover.

The Norton Mix, W.W. Norton and Company, New York, includes an image from Welcome to Wonderland, plus an introduction and study questions.

-Lensbaby, Second Edition, Focal Point Press, 2012, by Corey Hilz, features several of my images.

TRUST, Catalog from the PNCA show, Portland, 2012

Astra Velum 20-page feature in Mental Shoes magazine, issue 22:

Astra Velum 1-page feature in Diffusion magazine, Vol IV.

-Journal of the Print World, article on Astra Velum, April 2012

-Video documentary and interview with me produced by Lensbaby:

-Review of Astra Velum in What’s in a Face show at Panopticon Gallery, Boston:

-Brooks Jensen of Lenswork Magazine shares some thoughts about Welcome to Wonderland:

Underexposed interview with Susan Burnstine:

-Interview with Lensbaby:

-An image from Astra Velum was selected for The Portrait group exhibit in F-Stop Magazine.

-Interview with author Paul Pastor on Sparking Creativity  blog:

View Camera Magazine, 9-page feature of the Welcome to Wonderland series, September/October 2011

-“American Connection” in Black and White Magazine, article by Susan Burnstine, featuring Astra Velum, September 2011

Photographer’s Showcase: Fritz Liedtke’s Astra Velum, Photo-Eye Blog, June 22, 2011

Films and Grains Magazine, Issue 2, June 2011, Featured Photographer, 8 page spread of work from 4 series plus interview

-Lenswork Magazine, May 2011, portfolio of Beneficio de Cafe published, with audio interview in Lenswork Extended

-PhotoEye Blog: “Photolucida Book Discoveries” April 2011

-Lenscratch article on Astra Velum: April 2011

-SilverShotz Magazine, October 2010, 14-page featured article and cover from Skeleton in the Closet

PhotoLife Magazine, October 2010, publication of 2-page spread of Skeleton in the Closet series and essay

PhotoSolution Magazine, October 2010, publication of 3-page spread of Skeleton in the Closet series and essay

-SF Weekly Art Review, Fritz Liedtke: Skeleton in the Closet“, August 2010

Lenscratch, Skeleton in the Closet review by Aline Smithson, August 2010

San Francisco Examiner, review of (Por)trait Revealed, July 27, 2010

San Francisco Bay Guardian, Pick of the Week, (Por)trait Revealed/Skeleton in the Closet show at RayKo Photo Center, July 28, 2010

-LensWork Magazine, July 2010, publication of my article Buying Time in issue #89

-LensWork Magazine, January 2010 Alumni News, feature on Skeleton in the Closet series

-High Desert Journal, Spring 2007, portfolio of Through the Shadow

-Focus on Photography, Hermon Joyner and Kathleen Monaghan, Davis Publications, 2007

-LensWork Magazine, Jan/Feb 2006, 18-page portfolio of Welcome to Wonderland

-LensWork Magazine Extended Edition CDROM, Jan/Feb 2006, complete portfolio of Welcome to Wonderland, audio interview with Brooks Jensen, and more

Creative Vision, by Jeremy Webb, AVA Books, London, 2005

– Friends of Friends Photography Auction Catalog, New York, 2005

– Somerset Studio Magazine, “Must Haves”, November 2005

Women’s History Art Deck, Card deck featureing artwork of 50 artists, published Fall, 2004

Shots Magazine, Issue 86, December 2004

– PBS’s Life 360 website, Voice, November 2001

– Tamron/Bronica national advertising campaign 2001-02

Portland Tribune AroundTown Pick of the Week, August 7 and August 21, 2001

Photographer’s Forum, publication of portfolio, February 2001 issue

OurTown pick of the week, November 2000

Photographer’s Forum, prize-winning photograph published, June 2000

Alchemy, A Magazine of Literature and Art, presented 5 images from a series on children living in subsidized housing, June 2000

– “Prize-winning Photographer Captures Haunting Images,” article in The Hollywood Star, April 2000