Publishers Weekly Interviews Author of “Skeleton in the Closet”

Skeleton in the Closet Cover Web

Publishers Weekly today posted an interview with me about Skeleton in the Closet: “The Human Condition: PW Talks with Fritz Liedtke.”  Back in March, Publishers Weekly gave the book a starred review, and included a writeup of it in their print magazine.

Fritz Liedtke’s Skeleton in the Closet collects portraits of people who have suffered from eating disorders, each of the photographs accompanied by writing from the subjects. The book earned a starred review from PW Select, with our reviewer calling it “by turns heart-wrenching and redemptive…artful and humanizing” and stating that Liedtke “[treats] each subject in a unique and sensitive fashion.” We spoke to Liedtke about the importance of going out of one’s way to publish difficult or unclassifiable subject matter, and the lasting connections between photographers and those they photograph.

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