Skeleton in the Closet in Shanghai

While in Lishui, China, a couple years ago for a show and lecture, I met Guo Jing.  She’s a photography curator, and she requested that I submit work to her some upcoming shows she was curating.  She accepted my series Skeleton in the Closet, which was already translated into Chinese a couple years prior, for some shows elsewhere in China.  The work was then accepted and shown at both the Beijing and Shanghai Photo Festivals, which took place at the China Art Museum in Shanghai from Feb.28 to Mar. 5, 2017.  Guo Jing later told me, “It was later shown at Shanghai Tower after the closing date of the festival. Shanghai Tower is a landmark building in Shanghai, and its art space is one of best exhibition center in Shanghai.  It is an honor for the photographer to have their works exhibited there as not all the exhibitions at the festival were continued to be shown there.”

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