Transcendent Portraiture Workshop

I’m so excited to be teaching a photography workshop about something I’m super passionate about: Transcendent Portraiture. This workshop, through Santa Fe Workshops, is going to be a kick in the creative pants! I’ve been pushing the envelope with portrait work for years, and love helping others push through their roadblocks and create incredible work. Would you join me?

Here’s the class description:

Portland photographer and artist Fritz Liedtke will be leading Transcendent Portraits, a photography workshop hosted by Santa Fe Workshops in April.

Great portraiture is about more than the right lens and the right lighting. It’s about having a vision and connecting with your subject to make images that transcend the simple headshot. In this workshop you will fine-tune your vision and technique to approach portraiture like an artist, and create gorgeous, surprising, beautiful, atmospheric images.

Fine-art and commercial photographer Fritz Liedtke leads you first through the “why” of portraiture and then through the “how to” as we explore—and learn from—the work of master artists. In addition to learning how to develop an authentic rapport with your subjects, you discover ways of posing and lighting them to look their best.

Through live instructor demonstrations and discussions, we will cover finding people to photograph, directing and posing our subjects, working with natural light (and modifying it to your advantage), working with artificial lighting, and combining the two. Demonstrations also include post-processing of images to create the final look you originally envisioned. In this way, you understand the complete process of creating gorgeous portraits, from start to finish.

Weekly assignments help you gain fluidity and confidence in your work, and by experimenting with portraiture post-processing, you accentuate the mood, feel, and style that best expresses your vision. You finish the workshop with new experience and insights—not to mention stunning images you can be proud of.

This live online class runs April 5-22, 2022, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Learn more and sign up here:

Transcendent Portraiture

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